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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Women of Faith

Day 13, 14, 
15 (reflection day)

This weekend I was privileged to be able to attend the
conference with some friends from church

Not only was it two full days 
baby free

It was two days filled with laughter and tears..
stories of hardship and hope

The message for the weekend:
God is not stingy. 
He does not weigh out his love for us grain by grain; 
he doesn't squeeze out forgiveness one tiny drop at a time. 
Not our God—he pours out mercy in a flood. 
He loves us more than we know. 
He gives us more than we can ask or dream. 
He's unrestrained. excessive. outrageous. 
Over the Top.

All of the speakers and musicians were amazing..
This is what touched me the most
This Lady is amazing

I love the "overcoming" stories!
People who fought back against circumstances and labels life placed on them. 
Patsy Clairmont, a former teenage runaway.. agoraphobic who was bed bound
now phenomenal speaker and author who changes lives sharing her testimony

his wife was unable to attend
Not only did he perform amazing musically (as always:)
but his raw pain and his process of healing as he spoke of his 
daughter's tragic death
and I love the name of his new album
Beauty Will Rise
Isn't that God's promise to us that we sometimes have 
such a hard time seeing? 

and last but not least

She survived childhood abuse and an eating addiction
to become an American Idol finalist, Dove and Grammy award nominee
She has such an amazing energy, 
an amazing voice, 
and an unmistakable love for God

All of the speakers were amazing. I could honestly write pages 
about what I learned from each one.
I went away from this weekend feeling 
ready to be open to what God has for me

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