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Friday, October 15, 2010

Innovative as a Mother

So, a few weeks ago Lilly started chewing on the side of her crib
Elise already has a guard built into her crib
so she chews but is not tearing up the crib.

We went to Babies R Us after doing a little online research
and bought a gummi rail protector
It had good reviews, went on smoothly and at first we thought
GREAT. Problem solved.

Until about 3 days later when Miss Lils starting picking the gummi 
rail off..and then off came the paint on the side of the crib


So, back to Babies R Us we went in search of something better.
They had a junky looking fabric crib protector
for $20.00 and it secured with Velcro.
which if this child could pull up glue
 I am pretty sure she could handle Velcro

So, we decided to make something ourselves..

We got home and looked around..
Found some receiving blankets that we no longer use

and of course 
zip ties

covered them with some ribbon
tied tight so little hands can't undo it

Can't beat a free solution! 

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