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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Did I mention how much I love federal holidays!
Counting the 2 days Russ stayed home last week while 
Lilly and I had the flu
Sat and Sunday
He has been home 5 solid days!
I am LOVING it..
Two adults chasing two kids..
much better than one adult chasing two kids

I am pretty sure he will never be so happy 
to be at work tomorrow...

For those following the 30 day challenge..
I am still doing it..
Since I am just continuing to 
pray, meditate, read, work out, 
and in general just sneak in whatever I can for myself..
I am not blogging about it..

Also, this week has been crazy with the flu 
and the girls birthday party

Pictures to come soon!!!
(alright..fine..here is a sneak peak)

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