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Friday, October 8, 2010

Girls its your Birthday!

Elise, Lilly
I can't believe you girls are ONE!
I remember you dad and I talking 
"Can you even imagine when they are one"
and here we are...
It brings tears in my eyes when I think about how fast its really gone..

Well girls, here are a couple things about you right now
 that I don't ever want you to forget

1. every single day you make your dad and I laugh
Elise, we laugh at you for wrinkling your nose and snorting while you laugh
Lilly, we laugh at you when you say (what we think) is tickle tickle
and touch Elise's tummy and then crack up laughing

2. you are my constant companions. If we are at home you are following
me around the house..if we are running errands you are always 
looking for my voice..
if I try and go to the bathroom you are both banging at the door...ha ha.

3. you are so different and I hope people will always see past the fact
 that you are "twins" and see you as individuals..
Elise..you are so determined and strong! You want to walk so bad like your sister
and you dad and I worry that you make break your own leg trying because you 
just won't give up. You love musical toys and balls. You give us the best hugs 
open mouth kisses
Lilly, you are my little go with the flow girl. You can entertain yourself for hours.
You talk to yourself, laugh to yourself, you love your baby dolls and stuffed 
animals and carry them around all day. You can walk all over look adorable
toddling on your little legs

4. you think the world of your dad
you hear the key turn in the door and start literally 
jumping with excitement. you crawl as fast as you can to the baby gate
yelling and laughing and bouncing up and down.
waiting for him to kiss and hug each of you
Its one of my favorite things to watch every day

5. you absolutely love your kitties 
you point at them, talk to them, pick out clumps of their fur,
lay on them, follow them around the house..
they secretly love you too and when they have had enough
they slap you with their big furry paws
and you cry serious broken hearted tears..

6. you are into everything!
Seriously..we had to zip tie the coffee table and lamp to the couch
because you would not stop trying to tip them over. We have to blockade 
the trash can so you would not pick through the trash. We put your toy box 
in front of blinds, at some point in the day hide the bar stools in the bathroom..
and tomorrow you will find something new..

7. You have a family that loves you more than you realize.
Even though they live in Michigan when we come home
you bring so much joy to them.
You are beyond blessed to have 2 grandparents and 
4 great grandparents
and they just love to watch your every move.
Every time your family sees you they are so surprised
at how you have grown..

8. you dad and I can't go to bed with out checking on you
 we love to watch you sleep
we uncurl you from whatever crazy position you finally fell asleep in
give you your bears and cover you with your blankets. 
We say "I love you" one more time
We pray over you.

Happy Birthday Girls!
We love you so much! 

1 comment:

  1. Gosh this made me cry! I remember the day they were born...your crazy birth story. Hard to believe how time flies!