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Thursday, May 27, 2010


One of my BEST friends in the world turned 30 this week! We have been friends since pre-school..seriously! preschool! We have a picture of the two of us graduating from pre school with our little paper hats and fake diplomas..

Even though she lives in California and I live in Wisconsin we have maintained a great friendship. I just wish I could have celebrated her birthday with her! She is such an inspiration to me and is someone whose advice and insight means the world to me.

Since I could not be there, I sent her a super fab purse filled with fun stuff.

now I want to make myself a black purse too

and a fun make up bag to go inside

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home again

I can't decide whether the trips back to Grand Rapids are going better or not..

I did teach the girls to pack themselves

and take turns driving..

on one hand we have less bottles..
which means less mixing formula and washing bottles..
which I love..
but on the other hand, less bottles means more baby food.
which means spoons, bibs, high chairs and giant sticky messes.

The girls take more regular naps..
but when they miss a regular nap it gets crazy fast!
They play and are awake alot more
but it also means worrying about doing a mini
"baby proofing" of everyone's house we go to.

Overall though, its great!
I love watching Lilly and Elise in the town we grew up in
making memories with family and friends
getting to know all of the people Russ and I have loved
all of our life.

I wish I would remember to take more pictures. It so busy and I am lugging so many
baby things that the last thing on my mind is my camera.
But this weekend Lilly fell asleep in the arms of her great grandpa
and Elise fell asleep in the arms of her great grandma
and I would do anything to look at that everyday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Deals..

I had another great week of g-saling deals!
These jackets from a twin sale are going to be super cute next spring!

$2.00 for each jacket

boots with the fur..and the fur with the boots

Thank you Kelly for finding these for me..$4.00

I really only got this for Russ..it was kind of "over-priced" at $7.00
but I knew he would love watching the girls play with it..

I found this on Saturday when we were driving to the library. We drove past this sale..I made Russ turn the car around because I saw a ton of pink. (I tried to get Russ to blog about his experience but in his words, "I would rather not re-live that") HA! So, its me and two Asian ladies who have giant bins of clothes all new with tags..They running around me tossing clothes everywhere trying to show me things (most of which were too big for the girls..but super cute) meanwhile an entire rack of clothes almost falls on my head that was being propped up by one of the bins. I look in the van and see Russ in hysterics laughing..
Anyway, I got this great dress new with tags for $3.00. Completely worth all of the insanity.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


These two are so funny!
The other day I walked in to find Lilly just laying on top of Elise hanging out.
Every day they make me laugh about something.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Lilly and Elise love to be outside. Sometimes we just hang out on the porch.
They play, I drink coffee and try to chat on the phone..
They sense I am trying to speak to someone other than a little person
And proceed to make as much noise as possible..in the form of
screaming, whining, yelling, and talking..
But at least we get to enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

G Saler

I have such a new love for garage sales its not even funny. When I was pregnant I knew I was going to need ALOT of baby clothes, so last summer I started saling (or rummaging as its known in Milwaukee). I stocked up on everything and since the girls were born have only bought a handful of things new.
HUGE SAVINGS! And hello..newsflash..baby clothes are the best thing ever to get at a garage sale. Most of the clothes that I got for my girls they maybe wore once or twice (who has time to dress up twins every day) and then we passed them on to someone else.

So this year its even more fun, since I am not shopping for imaginary little people. These were my great deals from last weeks rummages. 

I loved this little tree and thought it would look so cute at Christmas in the girls room with pink and brown ornaments..since lord knows we are not putting up a real tree with glass ornaments with two standing/walking babies and two cats..

I only paid $1.00

And decided until Christmas it would be a really cute way to store all of their hair decorations

And then their was this Gap purse, perfect for this coming fall
I may even add some funky fabric flowers..

yes..its new with the tags

and once again..I paid $1.00

oh yeah..shopping for the bay..bies..


$4.00 for both
and the mother load of pajamas. All in perfect condition

this lady looked at me like I was crazy..
as I slung 25 pair (not an exaggeration) of pajamas over my arm..
I bought all of her 9, 12, and 18 month pajamas
for $1.00/pair.

What the best deal you ever scored at a garage sale?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day was amazing. I have a new appreciation for my own mom, my grandmas, and for my friend's that are mom's and that are pregnant. I truly felt doubly blessed. Some days I feel like I have double the work, and double the stress, but this is one day that I could see how all of my work and stress was paying off. I am investing into two little lives that every day I get to shape and mold into the beautiful, strong, confident, Godly, women that I dream of them becoming. 

The Bible verse that is on their bedroom wall and is my prayer for them is this:
Proverbs 16:3
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

On another note my heart breaks on a whole new level for any child anywhere that is hurting and does not have a mom, for anyone who has lost a child, and anyone who is struggling to have a baby.  When my girls cry and I pick them up and comfort them with hugs and kisses and I watch those tears turn to smiles and laughter I can't help but think of anyone who does not have a mom who loves them. Whether that be a child in an abusive home or an orphanage I just praying God's healing power over them, to let them feel His love.

I never knew I could love this deep and strong, but I love these girls with a love that I could  have never even imagined. Through most of my pregnancy I was just hoping to love the girls more than my little fur-babies..
Just for the record, it has exceeded the love for the cats

Lilly and Elise were apparently sick of their mom being lost (mostly in Waukesha..seriously every road runs in some sort of circle..) so they got me a Garmin GPS for Mother's Day.
Thanks girls! This will kick up our garage saling dramatically!

Friday, May 7, 2010


The bathroom is my refuge, the place where I am able to grab a few quiet minutes..and make an attempt to regain my sanity! Let me set the scenario for you..

Randomly at some point during the day I stash a few magazines in the cabinet under the sink. I have a good stash now built up. When Russ calls and says he is coming home I start the planning...
I make a cup of tea or coffee and wait for him to walk in the door. After he gets settled (which could be another post all together) I trying to look nonchalant pick up my coffee and wander towards the bathroom. "I have to go to the bathroom..be out in a sec"
Russ normally ignores this since he knows exactly what I am doing.
I smile to myself..and sometimes I do actually have to GO to the bathroom since it has most likely been hours since I have had the time..but usually its just because I need some ME time. I normally just close the seat and sit, trying not to rustle the pages as I get my magazines out..hoping my coffee is still warm.

Aaggghhh...silence..5 minutes go by...
"Honey, hurry up"
Oh crap..Russ is on to me..flush for effect
10 minutes go by..I am reading about moms who have time to run. I take a minute to imagine myself as a runner..I would need a whole new "athletic" wardrobe..would have to stop going through the Krispy Kreme drive through because I never see serious runner looking people in the drive through line..
flush again..
I can tell that I am running short on time. Try to skim a little more of the magazine..or just stare off into space.
Then I hear crying babies coming down the hallway..
and a knocking on the door
"I could really use some help in here.."
I am holding back giggles..
"I am COMING!"
Flush again while I re-stash the magazines..

Oh She Did Not

just say Da Da
Hello..who takes care of you all day!!!!
MA MA!!!!!

Today Lilly said "da da"..I was almost in tears..
Russ was running around the house with her laughing
making her do it over and over...

Its actually the cutest thing in the world!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I had alot of fun making a little baby gift for some friends of ours. Congrats Matt and Cristy on little Braydi!
When you have a girl, even if you don't think you are a "pink" person..you soon become one. I am now in love with any and everything pink!

Spring is just the perfect time for a little bird shirt