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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Deals..

I had another great week of g-saling deals!
These jackets from a twin sale are going to be super cute next spring!

$2.00 for each jacket

boots with the fur..and the fur with the boots

Thank you Kelly for finding these for me..$4.00

I really only got this for Russ..it was kind of "over-priced" at $7.00
but I knew he would love watching the girls play with it..

I found this on Saturday when we were driving to the library. We drove past this sale..I made Russ turn the car around because I saw a ton of pink. (I tried to get Russ to blog about his experience but in his words, "I would rather not re-live that") HA! So, its me and two Asian ladies who have giant bins of clothes all new with tags..They running around me tossing clothes everywhere trying to show me things (most of which were too big for the girls..but super cute) meanwhile an entire rack of clothes almost falls on my head that was being propped up by one of the bins. I look in the van and see Russ in hysterics laughing..
Anyway, I got this great dress new with tags for $3.00. Completely worth all of the insanity.

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