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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home again

I can't decide whether the trips back to Grand Rapids are going better or not..

I did teach the girls to pack themselves

and take turns driving..

on one hand we have less bottles..
which means less mixing formula and washing bottles..
which I love..
but on the other hand, less bottles means more baby food.
which means spoons, bibs, high chairs and giant sticky messes.

The girls take more regular naps..
but when they miss a regular nap it gets crazy fast!
They play and are awake alot more
but it also means worrying about doing a mini
"baby proofing" of everyone's house we go to.

Overall though, its great!
I love watching Lilly and Elise in the town we grew up in
making memories with family and friends
getting to know all of the people Russ and I have loved
all of our life.

I wish I would remember to take more pictures. It so busy and I am lugging so many
baby things that the last thing on my mind is my camera.
But this weekend Lilly fell asleep in the arms of her great grandpa
and Elise fell asleep in the arms of her great grandma
and I would do anything to look at that everyday

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