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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

G Saler

I have such a new love for garage sales its not even funny. When I was pregnant I knew I was going to need ALOT of baby clothes, so last summer I started saling (or rummaging as its known in Milwaukee). I stocked up on everything and since the girls were born have only bought a handful of things new.
HUGE SAVINGS! And hello..newsflash..baby clothes are the best thing ever to get at a garage sale. Most of the clothes that I got for my girls they maybe wore once or twice (who has time to dress up twins every day) and then we passed them on to someone else.

So this year its even more fun, since I am not shopping for imaginary little people. These were my great deals from last weeks rummages. 

I loved this little tree and thought it would look so cute at Christmas in the girls room with pink and brown ornaments..since lord knows we are not putting up a real tree with glass ornaments with two standing/walking babies and two cats..

I only paid $1.00

And decided until Christmas it would be a really cute way to store all of their hair decorations

And then their was this Gap purse, perfect for this coming fall
I may even add some funky fabric flowers..

yes..its new with the tags

and once again..I paid $1.00

oh yeah..shopping for the bay..bies..


$4.00 for both
and the mother load of pajamas. All in perfect condition

this lady looked at me like I was crazy..
as I slung 25 pair (not an exaggeration) of pajamas over my arm..
I bought all of her 9, 12, and 18 month pajamas
for $1.00/pair.

What the best deal you ever scored at a garage sale?

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