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Friday, February 26, 2010


Justin and Shelbi are good friends of ours that we met through Spring Creek
They are dedicating their lives to reaching the unreached and have been
an amazing inspiration to Russ and I.

Check out the link to see some of the work they are doing and pray about supporting them!
They have an amazing story of how they are trusting God to provide for the 
future of their ministry

They are also a blast to hang out with :)
and Justin is also a great photographer!
He took these pictures of Lilly and Elise and they are better than any
*Target portrait studio* could have done!

Little miss Lillianne

Little miss Annelise

and Baby Dedication Sunday

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have quite the love/hate relationship with Starbucks

The hate part really started in college when I went on a first date with a guy from work
who was very mission minded. I made a JOKE about the fact that I could never be a missionary since I  never want to live more than a mile from
a Starbucks.
He literally looked horrified and tried to end the date ASAP
(Yes, I am talking about you Jason F)

I guess this is really a love since I was meant to marry Russell the Love Muscle
and can't imagine life any better than it is!

Fast forward to present day
I realized that Starbucks is the BIGGEST waste of money in this world
My tall mocha is $3.33
I try to rationalize this many ways...
Well, I really wanted a super fab SUV with built in DVD players but instead we are driving a used minivan
I occasionally use coupons
I shop at Aldi's (also occasionally)
I use Target diapers
You get the picture

I have solved this part by only using change at Starbucks
which I pilfer from Russ's change jar
Both Russ and the workers at Starbucsk
 *love*  this
It makes me feel like I am spending less if I don't use my dollars

So, I get to starbucks with both kids in the van

except at least one is normally crying
and order my tall mocha
(from the OVERLY perky Starbucks girl)

"So, thats a tall non fat no whip mocha", "Would you like to add white chocolate"
"or try some of our new venti coffee" "or have something to eat with that"
NO-just my mocha

(I drive away before she can say the total, also part of the denial)

So, I roll up to pay with my handful (or two) of change
while the people at Starbucks look just a *tad* annoyed
by my duo of screaming babies
I can just hear them thinking..
"Maybe this lady should get an SUV with a dvd player so we don't have to listen to 2 crying babies"

Well, maybe I could afford an SUV with a dvd player if you were not charging $3.33 for a
TINY mocha!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This could be contributing to the hair issues

Lilly is


Elise's hair

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiny Stacy London

So the girls have had hair issues since the day they were born
as clearly seen in this picture at two weeks
Elise had some hair when she was born, but from rubbing her head on her swing now has a
bald ring around the back. She has some wispy hair on the top that I really never knew what to do with
Lilly lost all of the hair she was born with, has a matching bald ring in the back
and now has some soft bunny like fuzz growing on the top

But my biggest concern is this
blond/white spot on the front of Elise's head

she had it the day she was born

its still there at 4 months

and I really don't want this to be her hair in 30 years!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh date night! Seriously..its been months..I was looking forward to this ALL day! After of course I went to the quick care to get antibiotics for my double ear infection :) good times.. and then had to clean the house so that the babysitter would not think we live in total chaos every day..and pick up some treats for the babysitter (I remember being in college and you really can't live with out candy..the closest thing to candy in our house is raisins.) This is also part of my ploy to make sure that she comes back after a night with two babies.
So we headed to Innovation. First time..Russ and I both agreed that is was great food..semigreat atmosphere..Our goal is to try a new place every month on our date night. But we had a buy one dinner get one free and ended up getting free dessert ( the waiter asked if it was either of our birthday's..we just laughed and said NO!.WAY BETTER..its our first night out of the house after having twins!..he loved this and I ended up with free chocolate cake! Since we both had Sudafed during the day and had a drink with dinner we were both falling asleep at 9:15pm..nothing like making yourself feel older than you are..my goal was to be asleep by ten.. So, Katie said that the girls did "great"..Lilly only cried for a minute when we left..they laughed, talked and played and then just fell asleep..WAIT
Whose kids are those????

Unless you have lived in a new city, away from your entire family and the friends you have known all of your life, with two new babies you won't understand this, but Russ and I were ANXIETY ridden about leaving them for the first time. We both stood outside the front door staring at each other not wanting to leave..

We had been praying for God to bring someone into our lives that we trusted to watch the girls that we could call for a monthly date night and some evenings that I work. He answered.
Thank you Katie for giving us peace of mind, taking great care of our girls, and offering to babysit again :) You won't understand this until you have kids of your own but it literally means the world to us.

I never thought there would be a day when I would be standing outside the front door of my own home and was unable to leave because I could hear my daughters crying... funny how becoming a parent changes you completely. Russell

Saturday, February 20, 2010


These last two weeks have been IN.SAN.IT.Y

Lets go over the timeline.

Two weeks ago Wednesday, Elise gets a cold (call dr who says just give Tylenol as needed)

We start taking turns sleeping with her on an air mattress in the living room so that Lilly won't wake up since she is crying all night.

Two weeks ago Friday, Russ gets a cold.

Two weeks ago Saturday, Russ and Elise are sick and I have to work a 12 hour shift so he is home with both girls

One week ago Tuesday Lilly gets a cold (call dr again who says just continue to give Tylenol, use humidifier as needed, colds can take a while to go away)

Now we each take a sick baby, one in our room and one in the living room since now both are up and crying all night.

One week ago Thursday I get a cold (entire rest of the family still sick as well)

Monday this week, call dr again (this time they suggest I bring both girls in for a check)

Find out BOTH girls have DOUBLE ear infections, both started on antibiotics.

Seriously, I have never wanted Prozac more in my life. I know some people that may be able to give me some ( I have never directly asked if they are on Prozac but they just kind of look like they take a few sometimes) I decided I should just stick to praying and have been asking God daily for strength to face each day. I have never been so exhausted in my life. Both mentally and physically.
Normally when I am sick, I call in to work..rent some movies..get some icecream..call and vent to anyone who will listen..nap off and on all day..you get the picture.
Not this time. It was 24-7 care for not just one..but two little sicklies.

Last night a BREAKTHROUGH!

Both girls slept in their bed for 10 hours without waking up! (as did Russ and I :)
Its a great day and we are going on our FIRST date in 4 1/2 months tonight!!!!!!
(technically its been longer since I don't think you can count the last 3 month of pregnancy as anything related to fun)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Books

My plan for baby books was to have the girls make their own when they got old enough.

I realized that I could barely remember if I showered the day before so I should start writing things down.

I found these AWESOME baby books and it looked pretty easy and so far they are going great!

They are pricey but worth the fact you don't have to come up with the entire design yourself.

Day One

I have been wanting to make a journal for the girls of all of the fun/crazy/happy moments that I am too tired to write down or know that I will forget..

since I can type twice as fast as I can write

so the idea of a blog popped into my head..

and here we are.

So girlies..this is for you! When you are older you can take a glimpse into the little world we live in..