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Saturday, February 20, 2010


These last two weeks have been IN.SAN.IT.Y

Lets go over the timeline.

Two weeks ago Wednesday, Elise gets a cold (call dr who says just give Tylenol as needed)

We start taking turns sleeping with her on an air mattress in the living room so that Lilly won't wake up since she is crying all night.

Two weeks ago Friday, Russ gets a cold.

Two weeks ago Saturday, Russ and Elise are sick and I have to work a 12 hour shift so he is home with both girls

One week ago Tuesday Lilly gets a cold (call dr again who says just continue to give Tylenol, use humidifier as needed, colds can take a while to go away)

Now we each take a sick baby, one in our room and one in the living room since now both are up and crying all night.

One week ago Thursday I get a cold (entire rest of the family still sick as well)

Monday this week, call dr again (this time they suggest I bring both girls in for a check)

Find out BOTH girls have DOUBLE ear infections, both started on antibiotics.

Seriously, I have never wanted Prozac more in my life. I know some people that may be able to give me some ( I have never directly asked if they are on Prozac but they just kind of look like they take a few sometimes) I decided I should just stick to praying and have been asking God daily for strength to face each day. I have never been so exhausted in my life. Both mentally and physically.
Normally when I am sick, I call in to work..rent some movies..get some icecream..call and vent to anyone who will listen..nap off and on all day..you get the picture.
Not this time. It was 24-7 care for not just one..but two little sicklies.

Last night a BREAKTHROUGH!

Both girls slept in their bed for 10 hours without waking up! (as did Russ and I :)
Its a great day and we are going on our FIRST date in 4 1/2 months tonight!!!!!!
(technically its been longer since I don't think you can count the last 3 month of pregnancy as anything related to fun)

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