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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have quite the love/hate relationship with Starbucks

The hate part really started in college when I went on a first date with a guy from work
who was very mission minded. I made a JOKE about the fact that I could never be a missionary since I  never want to live more than a mile from
a Starbucks.
He literally looked horrified and tried to end the date ASAP
(Yes, I am talking about you Jason F)

I guess this is really a love since I was meant to marry Russell the Love Muscle
and can't imagine life any better than it is!

Fast forward to present day
I realized that Starbucks is the BIGGEST waste of money in this world
My tall mocha is $3.33
I try to rationalize this many ways...
Well, I really wanted a super fab SUV with built in DVD players but instead we are driving a used minivan
I occasionally use coupons
I shop at Aldi's (also occasionally)
I use Target diapers
You get the picture

I have solved this part by only using change at Starbucks
which I pilfer from Russ's change jar
Both Russ and the workers at Starbucsk
 *love*  this
It makes me feel like I am spending less if I don't use my dollars

So, I get to starbucks with both kids in the van

except at least one is normally crying
and order my tall mocha
(from the OVERLY perky Starbucks girl)

"So, thats a tall non fat no whip mocha", "Would you like to add white chocolate"
"or try some of our new venti coffee" "or have something to eat with that"
NO-just my mocha

(I drive away before she can say the total, also part of the denial)

So, I roll up to pay with my handful (or two) of change
while the people at Starbucks look just a *tad* annoyed
by my duo of screaming babies
I can just hear them thinking..
"Maybe this lady should get an SUV with a dvd player so we don't have to listen to 2 crying babies"

Well, maybe I could afford an SUV with a dvd player if you were not charging $3.33 for a
TINY mocha!!!!!!

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