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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh date night! Seriously..its been months..I was looking forward to this ALL day! After of course I went to the quick care to get antibiotics for my double ear infection :) good times.. and then had to clean the house so that the babysitter would not think we live in total chaos every day..and pick up some treats for the babysitter (I remember being in college and you really can't live with out candy..the closest thing to candy in our house is raisins.) This is also part of my ploy to make sure that she comes back after a night with two babies.
So we headed to Innovation. First time..Russ and I both agreed that is was great food..semigreat atmosphere..Our goal is to try a new place every month on our date night. But we had a buy one dinner get one free and ended up getting free dessert ( the waiter asked if it was either of our birthday's..we just laughed and said NO!.WAY BETTER..its our first night out of the house after having twins!..he loved this and I ended up with free chocolate cake! Since we both had Sudafed during the day and had a drink with dinner we were both falling asleep at 9:15pm..nothing like making yourself feel older than you are..my goal was to be asleep by ten.. So, Katie said that the girls did "great"..Lilly only cried for a minute when we left..they laughed, talked and played and then just fell asleep..WAIT
Whose kids are those????

Unless you have lived in a new city, away from your entire family and the friends you have known all of your life, with two new babies you won't understand this, but Russ and I were ANXIETY ridden about leaving them for the first time. We both stood outside the front door staring at each other not wanting to leave..

We had been praying for God to bring someone into our lives that we trusted to watch the girls that we could call for a monthly date night and some evenings that I work. He answered.
Thank you Katie for giving us peace of mind, taking great care of our girls, and offering to babysit again :) You won't understand this until you have kids of your own but it literally means the world to us.

I never thought there would be a day when I would be standing outside the front door of my own home and was unable to leave because I could hear my daughters crying... funny how becoming a parent changes you completely. Russell

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