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Friday, July 9, 2010

Farewell Facebook

for now. I am realizing that I know WAY too much about people I almost never see and I am not spending enough time in person or on the phone with the people that mean the most to me. Facebook is also extremely time consuming. You start looking at someones picture who had a baby, which leads to reading the captions on each picture, which makes you notice someone else you know in their picture, which sends you to that person's profile to see what they have been up to...and so it goes..

speaking of people that mean the most to me...or should I say the God the I live for. How did my quiet time with Jesus get put on the back burner to browsing the web? I am not sure..but its time for that to change.  Its easy to say that I am "so busy with twin babies" as my excuse not to have daily devotions, go out of my way for Russ, serve in my community, exercise, etc. So, I am getting back to living for an audience of One.  I was listening to a Marriage Today podcast on my way to Michigan and one of the comments that stuck in my mind was this, "Boring Christians are the worst advertisement for a Great God." How true! Facebook makes me boring! I need to be living out my own dreams and adventures..not reading about other peoples (this is my same TV philosophy) So here we go!

If you share in our days through our blog, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment or share your stories and insight.

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