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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh life..

Day 8

Today I worked on a little purse that I have been wanting to embellish
and I love how it turned out! 
its just a little ribbon and a little fabric..

Day 9
I finally went to the gym and put in a long hard work out tonight.
I was going pretty regularly..
then life happened..
sick babies, two vacations in one month, work, etc
and  I took a month some time off from the gym
so today..back at it! 
and it feels great. Its the perfect stress reliever after a long day
I go after the girls are in bed which works out perfectly
since I don't have any reason to rush 
 I come home and take a long hot shower 
and go to bed with a clear head! 

Day 10

Today I took a long walk with the girls
 it was close to 60 and that smell of fall leaves was in the air
We normally walk to a park by our house and its about an hour there and back
the girls swing and I listen to Beth
right now I am listening to the Esther study

and its life changing
the subtitle
"It's Tough Being a Woman" 
isn't  that the truth! 

and speaking of Woman
here are my "little women" enjoying the fall weather

my little Elise (who LOVES to swing)
and her sister Lilly..who is really not a big fan
of swings or socks

1 comment:

  1. Those flowers are a really nice touch- and so sweet and girly!