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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 1

Sundays are by far my favorite day of the week.
It seemed like the perfect day to start something new in my life.
Since I work every other Sat and Russ works Mon-Fri
Sundays are really our only day of rest and relaxation.

Yesterday I made a list of some ideas of things that I could do for myself
So, that in the business of the day I don't have the excuse of
"I can't think of anything"

One of the things on my list is mediation and prayer
So, today today during the girls short morning nap
I ignored the piles of dishes, dirty bottles, unfolded laundry
and hopped in bed with a book I have been trying to read for months
Jesus the One and Only

If you know Beth Moore you love her
I am also listening to her Esther series while I walk 
(more on that later)

But this particular part of the book spoke to me today
Chapter 7 The Lord's Christ

"Now the incarnate Christ is only a few days old. Picture Him with me. The infant Christ. Tiny. Deep olive skin. Ebony eyes. Soft, fuzzy hair, probably black as pitch. Fitting in one of Mary's small, young arms. No doubt she rubbed His soft, little head with her cheek, just as every mother nestles her infant. 

Few things are sweeter than a new mom with her baby. Just a few days ago, I leaned over to peek at a total stranger's new born in a stroller, and I looked back up at the mother and said, "Oh, how precious she is!" Tears welled in her eyes, and she couldn't even respond. I embraced this darling mom and said, " I so remember how easily the tears come after the birth of a child." I think we are safe to picture Mary the same way. Not only had she experienced the miracle of childbirth with all of the physiological changes that make a new mother so emotional, but she was also a virgin giving birth to the Messiah. Can you imagine being Mary-assigned to care for the Son of God? Every new mom battles fear and insecurity. Multiply those emotions tenfold. After all, this days old infant was God's only Son. Don't you imagine she felt pressure to get it right? An imperfect mom with a perfect child. "

Beth bring the Bible to life in a way that I can relate to
and in relating I learn and grow.

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