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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

Yes, this is obviously late..

Which is not for lack of time, since we had the most relaxing Christmas ever! 
This is the first year since we moved to Wisconsin that we did not drive back to Michigan
to be with our families on Christmas.
We were home over Thanksgiving and with "little man" coming in January we thought
it was just a little too much

Here is a little glimpse of our Christmas season this year
We bedazzled the house in blue and white lights
and blue, white and silver ornaments
(which involved me trying not to stroke out while Russ climbed around on the ladder
which is ironic if you think about what he does all day for work...)

decorated a little on the inside too..

went to Meadowbrook Farm and picked out a real Christmas tree

and here she is at home all decorated
(after a few mishaps of falling over..)

We even got a little bit of snow and the girls were so excited to play outside
and "play" consisted of walking around eating handfuls of snow..

Cathedral Park downtown Milwaukee

We went to the Christmas Eve service at Spring Creek Church
(Elise just could not resist touching the train at the back of church..)

We didn't take any pictures of the girls opening presents
(we took alot of video, since trying to capture their excitement in a photo would not 
have done it justice :) 

Now the countdown until we get to meet our little boy continues! 
3 more weeks and counting!!!!!! 

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