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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sneak Peek

T-16 days until we close on our new house
the anxiety is setting in....
moving with two toddlers seems so overwhelming
knowing that we are not moving back to our families
our home town
our life long friends...

But we have been so blessed in Wisconsin
We have amazing friends through our jobs and church
people offering to make meals, help paint, organize, pack
watch the girls

It is what has been keeping me sane!
So, with our further ado..
a few pictures of what is our soon to be house

A few things about the house
1.  there is no yard or driveway under all of that snow..the building company
will be coming back when the snow melts to do both of those things

2. the landscaping is totally on us we know nothing about plants/trees ha ha!
our goal over the next few months is to do some research on what grows best where

3. right now we only have one close neighbor but there are a total of six lots
on our little cul de  sac so four more will be going up when the lots sell

4. our house backs up to a wooded lot and a storm water drain off
the back yard slopes down right before the wooded area
this is going to make a great sledding hill in the winter! 

Alright..I just love the red front door
If our new house had not had a red door this would have been
on the top of my to do list! 

This is the kitchen
and we have some major plans for it! 
Starting with appliances which we ordered to match the microwave
and dishwasher the builders put in. We are painting and adding a tile back splash
before we actually move in and then will decide what else it needs

disregard the weird staging furniture and decorations

this is the living room with great vaulted ceilings

our only plans for the living room is to paint

I have not gotten a good picture of the dining room
but we also planning on painting and changing out the light fixture
The dining room has a slider door to the back yard
(and non existent patio :)

The bedrooms are bedrooms
We are planning on painting all of them
One will be ours
One will be the girls
and one will be a guest bedroom/office

bathrooms (2)
like the rest of the house..needs a little 
Heather and Russell personality thrown in the mix 
and a little color
I have plans for a VERY purple bathroom..

We also have an unfinished basement that we hope to
convert to another bedroom (someday)
a play room and a fun hang out room

We will be posting pictures of our projects and updates

Stay tuned! 

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