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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paint Shopping

No person should have to pick out an entire house of paint colors! 
Its just too much..
But, what really is too much is moving everything into your house
then covering and moving it all to paint
so we are painting our entire house the week before we move it..
It really did make sense at some point..ha ha..

So, after much deliberation and advice from people we decided to get a few paint samples
for the colors we were having a hard time deciding on.
Which totally kills my dutch soul to spend an extra $2-3 on each tiny sample
when we  are going to buy an entire gallon..but now I am SO glad that I did

The first purple that we got looked like a teenagers bedroom
and since its for our bathroom the tween look was not what we were going for.
We ended up choosing Benjamin Moore Angelina as seen here in Apartment Therapy

The second color we were having a hard time deciding on was what shade of blue to do our kitchen
After finding the perfect back splash at HOBO (more on the tile colors and instillation to come)
we wanted a blue that would really stand out

So, I got two samples of paint (while wrangling two babies) 
and painted them on the wall last night..
Russ and I looked and looked and felt they were very similar
I kept telling him that one was MUCH darker and when they dried he would really see the difference
except this morning there was really no difference

So, I looked at the paint samples again

HMM! They are the same color!!!!!!
Which we do love and are going to use..
The paint is Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore and matches our tile perfectly

We are doing our final walk through of the house on Monday 
and close on Friday! 

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