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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gary's Gallop

No, I could not make up the name of the 5K that my friend Alison and I ran walked. Gary's Gallop. As my friend Jen said, "Only in Wisconsin..are they serving brats and beer too?" ha ha..no brats or beer but coffee, fruit and warm soup. It was sunny and looked like it should be warm but it was COLD..We bundled the girls up and enjoyed some good company and fresh air

the girls both fell asleep after a few minutes in the stroller


  1. Hi Heather,
    This is Kara's sister Carly, don't know if you remember me from way back when. But...I saw you on Kara's fb page and clicked and ended up here and anyways, the point is I love all the stuff you've been making! Soo cute. The bibs are awesome and I love the little onesie with the tie. I am not creative at all but enjoy seeing what other people can think of! I've got a 1 yr. old so I'm home a lot and sometimes wish I had great idea's like these to fill the time! :)

  2. Thanks Carly!
    I am also at home most of the time now too and need a creative outlet. I get most of my ideas from other blogs :) Some of my favorites are on the side of my blog and have some great starter projects! They make great gifts and you could always sell them too!

  3. WOOTWOOT!!! I'm quoted! I always knew I was destined for celebrity!!!