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Saturday, March 6, 2010


say hello to my littttllleee friend....
I honestly have no idea whether this is a good sewing machine or not..
but after discussion with the lady at Joann Fabrics..
she heard that I had not sewn since 7th grade
suggested I start with a "beginner" sewing machine..

So, I unpacked this beaut..and started reading the manual..
threading the bobbin..doesn't seem so hard..
a few (insert mild cuss words) later I realized that it is hard..
Before I threw the sewing machine in the trash
Russ (who also has not sewn since home ec in middle school)
helped me get it set up..
then made me practice on paper since I was still a little *crazy*..

So, I decided to decorate all of my burp clothes for some practice

I have also been trying to make bibs..but so far
its just a hot mess..

I want to try and make this dress for the girls for easter

in pink of course!!!!

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