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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweater Pillow

I am in the process of trying to dress up our beige couch
but I still want to have some neutrals as we are planning on 
moving in a few months and I am not sure what the walls or floor
will look like

So I decided to cover an existing pillow with a sweater 
The sweater is a soft thick creamy material that I knew would look great 
Apparently Pottery Barn had the same idea as me 
ha ha.

except theirs is $39.00 and mine was practically free
I just cut my sweater into a square the size of the pillow
turned it inside out and sewed three sides
turned it right side out, stuffed my pillow back in
and hand sewed the last edge

paired up with the Poinsettia Pillow
and an awesome throw from TJ Maxx

cozy and perfect for winter! 


  1. take a look at these :


    i thought these were cool and might fit in well with your pillow decor! love the neutrals! :)

  2. what a wonderful space, love both of these pillows

    found you via weekend wrapup & so glad I did!

  3. so lovely! great job :) i might try the same in our house!

    visiting via weekend wrapup

  4. That just looks so yummy and cozy! Perfect place to curl up -