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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fifty Dollar Friday's

Russ and I are strict followers of the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace plan.
We have eliminated debt and have NO credit cards
We live on an envelope system and only spend cash on groceries, entertainment,
vacation, clothes, gifts..pretty much everything except our bills
which are automatically deducted online.
We give ourselves $25.00 each week for FUN money..
This money is simply for whatever..
So, this is what I spent $50.00 in  two weeks..
I think I scored some pretty amazing deals!!!!

Pink Rose Bridal Flower Decoration Dollar Store $1.00

Hemp Cord Dollar Store $1.00
Satin Ribbon Dollar Store $1.00
People Magazine Walmart $3.59

Gap Poofy Red Vest Garage Sale $3.00
Triple Non Fat Grande Mocha Starbucks $4.89

 2 Grass Skirts for my friend Kelly's Luau Party Garage Sale $0.25
$2.49 Dinner at work St Luke's South Shore $2.49
Sugar Babies Dollar Store $1.00

10 Felt Sheets Dollar Store $1.00
Black Candle Holder Dollar Store $1.00
Durasharp Pinking Shears Joann Fabrics $8.23
(originally 12.99 w/ 40% off coupon)
12 Tea Light Candles Garage Sale $0.50
The Time Travelor's Wife Red Box $1.06
3 bags of shells Garage Sale $1.00
2 bags of Bright Yellow Sisal Grass Garage Sale $0.50

2 Bags of Peach Craft Roses Garage Sale $1.00
Bright Red Gum Ball Machine Garage Sale $3.00
(best find EVER!)
Star of the Party Nail Polish by Nicole OPI Target $7.19

2 yards of Clearance Fabric Walmart $4.00
6 baby bows Target $2.78

Total: $49.48

What would you spend $50.00 on? 

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