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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My days are so crazy these days.
This is a little sample of a "normal" day. 
The following takes place between 5:30 and 6:00am..
OK..too much 24.

But seriously that was not a typo. Both girls wake up between 5:30 and 6am
6:00 am-Bottles (thankfully Russ is home to help with this feeding)
6:15-7:30-play time (for the most part they play great either together or alone
during this time with little interruption. I spend that time doing laundry, 
eating breakfast, making breakfast for the girls, showering, and whatever
else I can squeeze in)
7:30-8:30-morning nap (I am still usually trying to finish getting dressed
do my hair, check email, make coffee..)
8:30-9:00-eat breakfast (either jarred or homemade baby food 
depending on how organized I have been that week, puffed cereal, 
cheese pieces, yogurt, basically what ever is in the house :)
9:00-9:30-clean up the giant mess that is breakfast. Not only the 
food that is on the floor, the entire high chair and both babies
from head to two. While I am doing this they are either wanting attention
or crawling around on the floor with the cats trying to get anything
that fell on the floor. 
9:30-9:45-change diapers and get both girls dressed for the day
10:00-11:00 run errands (try to get as many groceries as I can stuff under the stroller,
hit the bank drive through, get gas, grab a coffee. Yes, more coffee
don't judge.)
11:00-noon-either one or both have started crying so now we are back at home
during this hour I chase them around the house while they attempt 
to eat cat food and pick at the outlet covers. Or we go for a long walk
if its a nice day, or play out on the porch in the pack and play.
12:30-1:00-clean up lunch (see above) change diapers, put in bed for 
afternoon nap. 
1:00-230 or 3:00-NAP 
sweet love. this is the best time of my day.
but I am still running around planning dinner, folding laundry
picking up the hot mess that is our house
3:15-4:30-take a LONG walk outside if nice, run another errand 
if not nice. 
5:00-5:30-dinner for the babies, Russ gets home from work 
5:30-7:00pm-playtime for the babies, clean up dinner plan what
Russ and I are going to eat for dinner, sometimes actually have time 
to eat dinner.
7:00-7:30-baths (every other night) bottles and 
7:30 BEDTIME. 
7:30-10:00pm-attempt to regain sanity. Eat dinner if we have 
not had a chance, discuss how crazy both of our days were, pick up the array 
of baby toys, wash bottles and make new ones for the next day. Feed/water
cats, try and relax and either read or watch TV for a few minutes..

Honestly, I love every crazy minute and would not trade it for the world! 

1 comment:

  1. I so can relate! I have 5 month old twins (boy and a girl) and a 2 1/2 year old boy. My day is chaotic, to say the least. Yours is much more organized than mine.