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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pot O Flowers

Holy Cow! Where have I been!
This summer had been so crazy and busy
(in ways we never could have imagined..but more on that later...)

We have been trying to sneak in a few house projects here and there
as well as spend as much time outside with our girls as possible
and soak up every ray of sun.

From the looks of it we are not going to get any grass this summer..
With two toddlers we were hoping for grass at least by the end of summer
but the weather has not been cooperating for seeding

So, the entire extent of our landscaping this year is in three pots on the front porch
Honestly..its great as far as upkeep..HA! 

We are talking all of the money we had been saving for lawnmowers, landscaping, etc
and putting it towards a deck instead
So we can at least enjoy some dinners outside as a family

But this is my extensive flower landscaping
(please not the giant mud piles on either side of the house )

I split up 2 hanging baskets from Menards
 that we one sale for $5.00 each
So my entire "landscaping" cost $10.00

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